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Pelagics – By David Scard

You can go almost anywhere in the world where the waves are pumping, and there will always be one of the core guys there making things look easy with an AB under his feet. Whether its up in North West Oz, Hawaii or Indo, there is no argument amongst the core surfers around the World, that the surfboards Allan Byrne has created over the past 35 years have produced some of the best surfing in some of the best waves our oceans can serve up.

For me personally, riding Allan’s boards the past 12 years out at G-Land as well as many other pumping waves around the world has certainly allowed safe passage through the biggest and craziest barrels of my lifetime. Arriving into a swell on any trip I have never had any doubt about my equipment.

There is a defining aspect to Allan’s Board designs that has them in a completely different league from most other boards, and that is that  they look fast and they ride even faster. AB has a design that no other shaper can emulate or copy.

For no particular reason, one day I came up with the thought of AB’s board designs being modeled to the fastest fish in the sea. Being a keen fisherman myself, I managed to narrow down certain species of Pelagic Fish that best describe each size/model of AB’s Boards.

Having worked for many years in G-land and traveled extensively around the world it always mystified me why people would spend thousands of dollars on there flights, boat trips or whatever it may be, to position them selves in front of the best waves in the world, and then pull out boards they where unsure about. It just does not make sense to me to turn up to these places and not have confidence in your equipment.

Whether its your local spot or a exotic dream wave there is an AB Pelagic that you can trust will see you through, and for sure your going to want to add another fish to your quiver!

David Scard
World Surfaris Consultant

World Traveller
Former WQS surfer
G-Land Surf Guide


  1. Matt says:

    What stores in Bali kuta sell these boards?

  2. Dave C says:

    Where are the links for pics of this series of boards pls??

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